HANA backtrace 36/2017

What to read? Whom to follow? One of the important things to pick up in any community is finding out who are the people that usually have good, funny or interesting content. Many community platforms make it easy to find out who are the "leading contributors", the "heroes", "aces" etc.Currently, … Continue reading

HANA gets stripped

This is going to be one of those weird blog posts, that basically convey just a single piece of information, but since the new SAP Community platform doesn't really care for WIKI/document style knowledge storage, I had to come up with a click-bait title to make it a blog post. I've written before … Continue reading

A new feature! YAY!?

A recent discussion in the SAP internal JAM community for HANA made me aware of a feature added to HANA SQL starting with HANA 1 SPS 12 (don't ask the revision, just check the latest), respectively HANA 2 SPS 02 (we don't speak about SPS 00 and SPS 01, do we?): "calculated columns". Generated … Continue reading

What HANA needs now is some…

... logging! Yes, you just got click-baited into reading this advertisement¬†for a product enhancement idea that I posted:¬†Standard logging facility for SQLScript The idea here is simple: when you write application logic in SQLScript then you very likely want to have the option to log what … Continue reading

SAP Community? Why?

If you're reading this, you are likely aware of the ongoing debates, complaints, failures and the general situation around the SAP Community platform and the state of this very community in general, which is why I am not going to point out the many technical and organisational deficiencies. Others … Continue reading