Here are the slide decks to some of the presentations I have given.
Be aware of the publication date and the HANA version mentioned in it as the presented facts and observations likely will be different on current HANA versions.

Date Title HANA version Link to orig. publication
31.05.2017 Innovation w/ SAP HANA – What are my options HANA 1 SPS 12 link
15.05.2014 Further Playing with SAP HANA HANA 1 SPS 7 link
12.09.2013 Playing around a bit with SAP HANA… HANA 1 SPS 5 link
18.07.2013 Understanding SAP HANA performance HANA 1 SPS 5 link


The presentations are meant to educate and inform. That does not mean you should blindly follow and implement the techniques and coding styles presented in them.

Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility and I am not liable for any damage, disappointment or wasted life-time whatsoever that you, your client or friends and family endured due to the exposure to the material.

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