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The parameters you know

The age old question(s)

It has been a long standing open question for many SAP HANA administrators:

     “Where do I find a list of all the parameters that I can set in the .ini files?

Along with the

“Do I need to restart the system after changing this parameter?”

my feeling is that these questions are among the most often asked questions.

Typically, the answer here was:

     “It’s not required nor recommended to fiddle with the SAP HANA parameters unless SAP tells you so.”

All nice and good, but still the avid DBA would just love to know what the parameters do that can be seen SAP HANA Studio.

A surprising answer

Via the ongoing effort of the SAP Global Service & Support Mission Critical Control HANA Deployment Rooms (otherwise known as SAP GSS MCC HANA Deployment Rooms – but that would be too short 😛 for such an important team) to share know-how and experiences, I got to know SAP note 2036111 – Configuration parameters for the SAP HANA system.

This SAP notes carries a PDF file attachment, which neatly lists most of the parameters and what is to be known about them.

Here’s how it looks like:

As you see, there’s information about the necessity of a restart, links to related information, a brief description and which revisions support the parameter.

It’s not the complete list of possible parameters and it’s not part of the standard documentation, but I really appreciate to have a nice reference for the most important parameters now.

Surprise reprise

When I was done enjoying my recent discovery I thought “well, this should be in the standard documentation…” and did a quick search.

Guess what: the SAP note is already mentioned in the SAP HANA Administration Guide. (alright, it’s just once and it’s really tiny print, but it is in fact in there 🙂 ).

Shows again that it really can pay off to read the documentation carefully.

Anyhow, there you go; now you know!



Should the parameter documentation not be part of the standard documentation set (and not just an attachment to a hard-to-find-SAP note) by the time for a second edition of SAP HANA Administration, Richard Bremer and I definitively need to reference this SAP note, too.

Free stuff! From the SAP HANA book!! Awesome!!!

Dear readers and fellow SCNers,

being the income-fixated greedy SAP Press author I am, I hardly ever fail to advertise the book Richard Bremer and I wrote and released last year (see Book Announcement: SAP HANA Administration for the whole ball of wax).

Usually, I hope/demand/expect people to go and buy copies of the book for themselves, their peer colleagues, Mums, Dads, Aunties and of cause for all the folks at the high school reunion parties. However, sometimes this ingenious marketing strategy (what are those Mad Men doing all day anyway, when selling is that simple?) does seem to require something extra.
Something that grabs the already short attention span of the busy browser of the information super highway (wow, even Wikipedia recognizes this term as an anachronism 😀 ) by its tail and never let go again.

What’s better to do so than giving away something for free – free as in beer.

That’s right:

there’s a freebie available and it’s cleverly placed right on the very same web page where you can order the mentioned masterpiece of technical literature (this one).

Clearly, as this is a treasure of sorts, there’s a need for a map… (don’t get too excited, there’s no big fat X somewhere on it because Indy said so!)

Clicking on the “Supplements list >” link right there literally is practically like shouting “Open sesame!” in front of the freebie-cave.

Wonders and magic are summoned and you’ll be astonished by this UX-design ideal:

You see right!

That’s three click-able elements right there (OK OK, there you got your “X” but it’s just for closing this dialogue box) and two of them actually will download the Appendix PDF file.

How awesome is that, he? 😀

By now, should you really kept your patience and hopefully your bladder (yes, long read, I know) under control, you definitively earned to learn what this all about.

The appendix is not just something that can make your tummy ache, but in this case, it’s the text sections, that didn’t make it into the edited volume (mainly to keep the physical book within reasonable printing dimensions).

In it, you’ll find several examples and showcases of the fascinating features and fabulous functions that we only briefly touched on in the main text.

If you want to read-through an example of delta store handling or if you are looking for a Step-by-Step Creation of an Analytic Privilege with Dynamic Restrictions this appendix is what will make your life as a loyal buyer of the book even more complete.

In the unlikely case that you don’t own the actual book yet, it’s

a) your own fault, sorry 😉


b) of course all alright to read the appendix PDF nevertheless.

And that’s it once again.

Enjoy the free stuff and thanks for being an entertain-able audience!