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The parameters you know

The age old question(s)

It has been a long standing open question for many SAP HANA administrators:

     “Where do I find a list of all the parameters that I can set in the .ini files?

Along with the

“Do I need to restart the system after changing this parameter?”

my feeling is that these questions are among the most often asked questions.

Typically, the answer here was:

     “It’s not required nor recommended to fiddle with the SAP HANA parameters unless SAP tells you so.”

All nice and good, but still the avid DBA would just love to know what the parameters do that can be seen SAP HANA Studio.

A surprising answer

Via the ongoing effort of the SAP Global Service & Support Mission Critical Control HANA Deployment Rooms (otherwise known as SAP GSS MCC HANA Deployment Rooms – but that would be too short 😛 for such an important team) to share know-how and experiences, I got to know SAP note 2036111 – Configuration parameters for the SAP HANA system.

This SAP notes carries a PDF file attachment, which neatly lists most of the parameters and what is to be known about them.

Here’s how it looks like:

As you see, there’s information about the necessity of a restart, links to related information, a brief description and which revisions support the parameter.

It’s not the complete list of possible parameters and it’s not part of the standard documentation, but I really appreciate to have a nice reference for the most important parameters now.

Surprise reprise

When I was done enjoying my recent discovery I thought “well, this should be in the standard documentation…” and did a quick search.

Guess what: the SAP note is already mentioned in the SAP HANA Administration Guide. (alright, it’s just once and it’s really tiny print, but it is in fact in there 🙂 ).

Shows again that it really can pay off to read the documentation carefully.

Anyhow, there you go; now you know!



Should the parameter documentation not be part of the standard documentation set (and not just an attachment to a hard-to-find-SAP note) by the time for a second edition of SAP HANA Administration, Richard Bremer and I definitively need to reference this SAP note, too.

Small surprises, well documented

We all noticed it: SAP HANA has grown.

A lot, actually.

Let’s begin with a little sentimental look into the past

What had begun as an in-memory database management system with some funky development artefacts like attribute-, analytic– and calculation views has grown into a huge feature packed platform for data management and processing.

With it, the description of what SAP HANA does and how it can be used had to grow: the documentation.

Checking my Docu OLD folder, this is what I find:

That’s more than 18 times as much documentation content for SPS 8 than there was for SPS 2 back in 2011.

Size does matter or does it?

But it’s not just about the sheer size of the documentation.

The documentation page itself had been improved quite a bit:

Besides the better layout and content organisation, the documentation page (as well as the documents themselves) now contain the revision this documentation belongs to and the date of the last update.

While it may not seem to be a big deal, in fact, this is not the “usual SAP” way of updating the documentation only together with SPS levels.

This means, new and improved documentation can get to you much faster.

Surprises long wished for

The next thing is something I really love to have it: the option to simply download the whole documentation package as a single zip file.

As you can tell from my Docu OLD folder above, I like to have the documentation locally available and not just online or inside SAP HANA Studio.

With the search functionality of Windows 7 having all the documents in one folder makes it really easy to run a quick search in the documentation for some information.

(Note: depending on your Windows and Acrobat Reader version, you might need to install the PDF iFilter 64Bit from Acrobat to index the contents of PDF files in Windows Search)

If you’re like me and barely ever use the table of content links shown above, but just scroll down the page to find the actual links, then this is the section you are looking for from now on:

As far as I can tell, this section is now available on nearly all documentation packages, mostly “somewhere down the page”…

Maybe this can be changed to a better location some time.

Both of those features were things I (and I am sure others did as well) had asked for and seeing them now I feel a little bit proud, too 😀 .

Spoilt for choice

Another new “thing” with SAP HANA SPS 9 is that now there are additional features and functionality that is not part of the core SAP HANA package.

These SAP HANA Options can be licensed separately and thus require their separate set of documentation.

In order to keep the level of confusion as low as possible, the documentation developers have put a new sub-section into the left-hand sided navigation bar.

All SAP HANA Options documentation can be found just there.

And that’s it again!

I really do like the improvements even though I wonder why I always have to find out about them by accident.

After all, we’re all busy and if there’s something new worth reading, I don’t want to wait to find out about it a year later…

It would be a great thing to have more pointers to such things, just like the recent blog from the SAP HANA documentation developer team about the Information Map (Quick Access to the SAP HANA Development Documentation (for SAP HANA Studio))

There will always be more points on the wishlist (how would you feel about an RSS feed on the documentation page, announcing new document versions when they get uploaded? I’d love that!). And I find it a great thing to see them turning into reality one by one.

There you go; now you know!

Cheers, Lars